Kick off Mayora Free Smoking

On 14th of January 2012, Mayora held a kick off for Implementation of Free Smoking area at PT. Mayora Indah Tbk. This event was participated not only by all staffs and labour Union but also doctor and religious leaders who

Mayora Sports Club

Mayora Indah is a company that consistently encourages its employees to be active in doing sports. Apart from being healthy and fit, doing sports together could be an event where employees socializes and strengthens their sense of togetherness.    

Do you know the great thing about chocolate?

Wow, who does not like chocolate? Almost everyone likes chocolate. And, do you know that chocolate does not only provide energy or to boost up your mood, but it is also good for your health.   Some of us think

The Beauty of Togetherness in Harmony

On Saturday, 3rd of March 2012, Mayora HR Division held a ‘Hari Kebersamaan”(Unity Day) to improve communication among Mayora big families. This time, the event was held in Zona 235 Cikole Lembang, Bandung and participated by Labour Union and Management

Lentera Hati

Lentera Hati is an activity to motivate and seed positive attitude among employees. This activity is done daily in every unit for 10 minutes before working hours and led by appointed Coordinator. Inspiring sentences on Lentera Hati are taken from

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