Release of the Retirement Employee

Mayora routinely carry out the disposal of employees who have reached retirement age. Events held in each work unit where employees who retire are working. Release event was attended by management, colleagues and family of the employee concerned. The retirement

AGM PT Mayora Indah Tbk

On Wednesday June 19, 2013 on PT Mayora Indah Tbk has organized the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Aryaduta Lippo Village, Lippo Karawaci Tangerang. Some of the decisions taken at the AGM include the following: 1. Annual Report of

Mayora ready to face Idul Fitri 1434 H

Facing Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1434 H, Mayora logistics team which is responsible for product supply to the market Mayora has prepared several strategies to keep Mayora products still remain available in sufficient quantities and fresh (fresh) in the market.