GKM National Convention

The first GKM National Convention of Mayora Group was held on January 21st, 2012 in Jatake factory. The convention, joined by 10 factories of Mayora Group, carried “GKM, Bersama untuk Maju” as the theme.

This GKM convention held 5 competitions; GKM Team Performance, GKM Logo, GKM yell-yell, GKM Jingle, and GKM Poster. For GKM Team Performance, the winner was from PT. Mayora Indah Tbk Wafer Division with theme “ Optimalisasi Kerja Boiler Untuk Penghematan Energi Gas / Optimizing Boiler for Gas Saving”

The convention was deemed to give hope and spirit on better work performances for all Mayora employees. This was in line with Mr. Henry Atmadja’s statement “I’m very proud with what they presented, it seems to me that they have put a lot of effort on current condition and I’m confident that (they) will be better in the future”

With the involvement from all employees, from top level management to operator level, Mr. Heri Soesanto wished that this GKM Convention could be the “fire” for Mayora to continuously make the improvement in all sectors.