Mayora’s Gugus Kendali Mutu National Convention II – 2013

Mayora’s Gugus Kendali Mutu National Convention II was held on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at PT. Torabika Eka Semesta Ground 2. The convention was attended by Mayora Management, Directors, Factories’ representatives and distinguished guests from Forum Komunikasi Management Mutu Tangerang (FKMMT). This convention with “GKM is Our Culture” as the theme intended to make GKM as the working philosophy in Mayora.

On his foreword representing the Board of Directors, Bapak Hendarta Atmadja, expressed his excitement on seeing the proactive act from all participants in improving the factories to be better. He also expected that the improvement program could be a part of Mayora’s day to day activities.

On this year’s convention, 12 Mayora factories not only competed in GKM presentations but they also competed against each other in GKM Jingle category, Awareness Video Category and Yell Competition.