Improving The Livelihoods Of Cassava Farmers In Makassar 06 March 2017

07 March 2017

Cassava Farmer

Cassava is one of the most efficient producers of carbohydrates and energy among all food crops. Besides being consumed as a staple food, cassava could be extracted to create tapioca starch and even further converted to produce glucose.

We here at Mayora collaborate with the cassava farmers in Makassar to produce the best quality of cassava to ensure that we continuously serve goodness and happiness through our high quality products for our consumers as well as to improve the livelihoods of cassava farmers in Makassar.

We approached the cassava farmers to optimize the yields and lead them to have a better income opportunity through our cassava technical assistance program. This program develops special seeds of cassava as needed by our manufacturer in Makassar. The goal is to improve farm techniques (especially the use of fertilizers and improved seeds), extension of irrigation facilities, and expanded training for farmers.