Mayora Is Successfully Penetrate The Export Markets To Russia

13 June 2019

Export Market ro Russia

Jakarta – Established since 1977, Mayora Group which is engaged in the consumer goods sector has now successfully penetrated the international market. Recorded, Mayora products have been circulating in more than 100 countries. Including for ASEAN market, China, India, Middle East, the United States, even Iraq and Palestine.

And even, Mayora products have also made it into the Russian market. Last year, Mayora successfully recorded an increase in exports to Red Bear countries with numbers reaching 1.000 containers, and it shows business growth that exceeds 30% compared to the previous year.


“We hope this success of going through the export markets to Russia can inspire and arouse confidence and pride as Indonesia. This proves that products with Indonesian brands are not inferriors, but can compete in global market and even become the leader of market.” Said the President Director of Mayora Group Andre Atmadja when met at “BANGGA SEBAGAI INDONESIA, Mayora successfully going through the export markets to Russia” press conference at Mayora Head Office on Wednesday (06/02/19).

Like entering a new country or market, according to Andre Atmadja it is not an easy thing to go through Russian market. However, with an effort to understand the destination country, in this case is Russia, and also provide the best products, as well as the knowledge to understand the right consumers, Mayora succeed going through Russian market.

“Russia is a pottential market for Mayora, because it is one country that has a high population and a good level of economic growth. And also the level of coffee consumption is higher compared to other countries. Our target this year for Russian market can grow to double digits.” Said Andre Atmadja.

This success is certainly doesn’t escape the support from the government. Both Indonesia and Russia government. Especially from ministry of Internal and External Affairs. With trade missions, trade negotiations, support from Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) and economy deplomacy that is carried out, greatly helped Mayora in increasing the export market. For the Russia government, with good trade relations between Indonesia and Russia, our products can be widely traded in Russia so that can be enjoyed by consumers in Russia.

“On this occasion, Mayora will continue commit to build a business, both in Indonesia and in the export market to make Mayora a Global Company and able compete globally. We hope that is success can build a sense of pride as Indonesia and can be an inspiration for the Indonesian people.” Said Andre Atmadja.

The press conference of “BANGGA SEBAGAI INDONESIA, Mayora successfully penetrate the export markets to Russia” was also attended by 21  partners Mayora in Russia, as an appreciation to our distributor partners in Russia. We invited our partners to Indoneisa with the aim of introducing Mayora products that are on the Global market beside those that they have sold in Russia and also introducing how beautiful Indonesia is from Tourism sector and its cultures.  

Torabika Capuccino becomes the Leader in Russia

Not only has succeed in going through the Russian market, Mayora’s product, Torabika Capuccino has also succeed in becoming the market leader in Russia for the Capuccino Instant Coffee Category. It is one of the capuccino instant coffee brands that is highly sought after by Russian people especially among youths.

Andre further explained that Russia is a country that has a fairly high level of coffee consumption compared to other countries. Not only among adults, even teenagers already know both instant coffee and caffe-class coffee.

Success in going through the Russian market, according to Andre, understanding of consumers and local regulations, distribution systems and culture that may be greatly different from Indonesia are the capital that must be owned by producers as the key to penetrate the global market.

The main challenge that we face is deep understanding of different consumer needs in every country, for which we continue to conduct both formal and informal research in responsing these challenges.