The Ministry of Trade Republic Indonesia releases Mayora Group's Containers for Export Market

30 June 2020

Tangerang, 30 June 2020 – Minister of Trade (Mendag) Agus Suparmanto was optimistic the export of food and beverage products can maintain and grow amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The optimism shown by the success of Mayora Group whose export performance continues to increase. 

The statement was delivered by the Minister while releasing the 4000th Mayora Group’s container for export during June 2020 period, with a total value of Rp. 1.07 trillion. The event was held on Tuesday (30/6), at the Group’s factory location in Cikupa, Tangerang Regency, Banten Province. 

 “By releasing the Mayora Group's 4000th container for the period of June 2020 with a value of Rp. 1.07 trillion, it is expected Indonesia food and beverage products to be increasingly well-known and recognized, not only in the domestic arena, but also throughout the world and (the steps) can be followed by other business actors in Indonesia, he said. 

He also expressed his appreciation to Mayora Group. “We would like to express our appreciation and congratulations to Mayora for making extraordinary achievement by successfully delivering the 4,000th containers in June 2020 period at this difficult and challenging time. The success certainly contributed significantly to the performance of national exports, revealed Mendag. 

By releasing the 4000th containers for export in June 2020 period, therefore during January to June 2020, Mayora Group has exported 17,000 containers. “It is a positive achievement that need to be maintained in for the future,” stated Mendag. 

In addition, the Minister of Trade also expressed his proud because several Mayora products, such as Torabika and Kopiko, had received extraordinary achievements in other countries. Even, Kopiko is the number one coffee candy product in the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Africa, and Middle East to the United States. Mayora's packaged coffee product has also become a market leader in the Philippines with a 46 percent market share. 

In general, the Covid-19 pandemic has created an impact on the trade sector around the world. Yet, the Mendag continued, several sectors of export products such as agriculture, health, and processed food and beverages still have great opportunities to continue to flourish. 

Currently, consumer awareness of food and beverage products which are hygienic and good for the body's immune system continues to increase. “Therefore, a particular strategy is required in marketing products that are innovative and of high quality, excellence, and comprise efficient productivity in the production value chain. This is ultimately resulting a competitive product in the international market,” explained Mendag. 

He stated that Ministry of Trade will constantly support business actors in increasing exports of Indonesian products. Subsequently, the Ministry of Trade has prepared several strategies to increase exports.

The strategies implemented by the Ministry of Trade are among others, simplifying and speeding up the issuance services of Certificate of Origin (SKA) of export goods through the application of an affixed signature and stamp; implementing automatic authentication in the export licensing process for exporters who have a (good) reputation; as well as increasing the speed of export-import and surveillance services through the National Logistic Ecosystem (NLE). Furthermore, the Ministry would also enhancing the facilitation and services of export information, export promotion and business deals exploration (business matching) (which will be conducted virtually) through trade representatives; increase in training of potential exporters which will be conducted virtually; and proposing incentives in the form of insurance, export credit, and other financing through export financing institutions for exporters affected by Covid-19.

Meanwhile, President Director of Mayora Group Andre Sukendra Atmadja stated that the group is committed to build Indonesia economy, through its domestic businesses, as well as contributing by exporting using Indonesian brands. “Releasing the container for exports is a tangible manifestation and commitment of Mayora in advancing the Indonesian economy through export activities, as well as a form of support and participation of the Mayora Group for the “Proud of Made in Indonesia” movement,” described Andre. 

Andre also fully supported a direction and invitation from the government stating that the business sphere should remain enthusiastic, optimistic, and continues to work and be successful against the competition in the global market. “On behalf of Mayora Group, we would like to thank the government, especially the Ministry of Trade for its support in this export container release event,” stated Andre. 

Mayora products, for instance Torabika, Kopiko, Beng Beng and Danisa, according to Andre, not only manage to be exported, but could also become market leaders in several countries. “It is proved that export of Mayora processed food products are still able to compete in the global market, thus indirectly protecting the Indonesian economy. The achievement that has been achieved today, is expected to inspire and create Indonesian more proud and confident that Indonesian brand products have successfully penetrated the world market,” he added. 

As one of fast moving consumer goods companies, Mayora Group has demonstrated as one of high-quality and award-winning food producers, both local and international. Among others are, “Top Five Best Managed Companies in Indonesia” from Asia Money, “Top 100 Exporter Companies in Indonesia” from Swa Magazine, “Top 100 Public Listed Companies” from Investor Indonesia Magazine, including “Best Manufacturer of Halal Products” from Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

Indonesia Processed Food Exports Increases 7.9 Percent

In a period of January-April 2020, Indonesia's trade balance showed a surplus of USD 4.3 billion. The trade performance achievement is quite encouraging in the midst of the pandemic that has hit almost every countries in the world. In the meantime, specifically for Indonesian processed food products, during January-April 2020, they managed to record an export value of USD 1.32 billion, an increase of 7.9 percent compared to the same period from the previous year.

Meanwhile, the main export destination countries for Indonesian processed food products in the January-April 2020 period are, United States with USD$ 293.6 million (a market share of 22.11 percent), Philippines with USD$ 161.4 million (12.15 percent), Malaysia with USD$ 101.6 million (7.65 percent), Singapore with USD$ 74.9 million (5.64 percent), and Japan with USD 71.9 million (5.41 percent).