Le Minerale Collaborates with MRT Jakarta to Increase Awareness and Provide Better Health Education

17 May 2019

:e-Minerale MRT

Le Minerale, Mayora’s leading bottled mineral water manufacturer officially announced their branding partnership with Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Jakarta, welcoming the presence of the new transportation mode. Being the new highly sought and long awaited commute mode, MRT is the center of public discussion for offering various benefits for Indonesia society, especially in the Capital. MRT Jakarta sees high enthusiasm of urban society due to its successful early operations, and seeks to increase more massive usage of MRT.

MRT managed to turn heads during the official trial period, with no exception of Baim Wong. The celebrity born in 1981 turned rhapsodic in taking the MRT and being in the middle of the like minded urban crowd.

Baim Wong firmly expressed his feelings about MRT, "Finally, it’s here! I’m so proud that Jakarta now has its own MRT. It’s as if I’m abroad! Ha ha ha…! The station is truly spacious. Also, don’t you see lots of stairs? Couldn’t imagine if I forgot to bring along some mineral water. "

Baim Wong commends Le Minerale

Le Minerale is Baim Wong’s mineral water brand of choice for the past year. The 38 years old actor demands the highest quality of water to support his hectic schedule, and he found the answer in Le Minerale.

"Drinking mineral water is a must, no matter how busy I am throughout the day. I have been drinking Le Minerale for a year, and the quality speaks for itself, from its robust packaging to its health benefits. I am now more fit than ever. There is always a bottle in my bag," he added.

Baim Wong is among those with high mobility and hectic schedules, who sometimes missed the chance to rehydrate and re-energize. Le Minerale aims to communicate its educational branding message, which is in perfect line with Gerakan Indonesia Sehat. The campaign initiated by Ikatan Dokter Indonesia (IDI) and Le Minerale aims to educate Indonesians to adopt a healthy lifestyle by embracing a three-steps, Move Right, Eat Right, and Drink Right.

Febri Hutama, Marketing Manager of Le Minerale said, "Le Minerale’s partnership with MRT aims to deliver our best products and services to provide the ultimate satisfaction value to all MRT passengers, who are Le Minerale consumers at the same time. Our primary purposes of this campaign is to instill health values that benefits all MRT passengers, and at the end our business will grow itself".

Themed Anugerah Mineral Alami, Le Minerale’s educational branding for MRT Jakarta directly invites Indonesians to consume high quality mineral water, such as Le Minerale. Each bottle of Le Minerale offers natural minerals that benefits human body, harnessed from select mountain springs, securely packed with exclusive seal for the consumers’ convenience and peace of mind. Consuming Le Minerale improve fitness during daily trips with MRT.

The MRT x Le Minerale branding takes place on 7 out of 16 MRT trains in 2019, as well as on three MRT stations on Lebak Bulus, Sisingamangaraja and Bendungan Hilir. The brand visuals can be spotted since the first official MRT trip on March 24, 2019.

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