Mayora Bangga Sebagai Indonesia, Container Exports Release To 250.000 Mayora Groups

13 June 2019


Jakarta – Mayora group is releasing container exports to 250.000 Mayora Groups which is held today, February 18th 2019, this is a form of Mayora’s commitment that is “BANGGA SEBAGAI INDONESIA” in advancing the Indonesian economy and providing inspiration for the business and all the people of Indonesia.

The 250.000 container exports release is led directly by the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, witnessed by the Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita, the minister of Industrial Airlangga Hartarto, Government officials, Mayora Group President Director Andre Sukendra Atmadja, and 15.000 Mayora Partners, consisting of coffee farmers from Lampung, cassava and corn farmers, factory workers, Mayora employees in Banten and surrounding areas.

The 250.000 container exports release was in line with the direction of President Joko Widodo in a short meeting at Bogor Palace some time ago regarding “two main important things that we need to consider together, controlling imports and increasing exports”.

Jokowi Lab

Mayora as an Indonesian company has been able to compete in the global market with an export contribution that reaches 50% of the Mayora Group business which is achieved sales of more than Rp. 35 Trillion. And this makes Mayora the Indonesian largest product exports company with Indonesian brand. And Mayora continues to commit to increase the number of exports of finished products with Indonesian brands that have high value added.

Presently, Mayora has been exporting products by making track for Indonesia to more than 100 countries, including the United States, Russia, Middle East, China, Philippines, other ASEAN countries and even to Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon.

Jokowi Gudang

The President Director of Mayora Group Andre Sukendra Atmadja said, “Mayora proves that Indonesia is not just a tailor of other nation’s brand products, our mission is to export as well as prove that products with Indonesian brand are world-class, so that can elevate Indonesia’s self-regard and dignity in the eyes of the world”.

Mayora almost entirely employs Indonesian content including raw materials supplied from coffee and cassava farmers, as well as machines made by the nation’s children. Mayora group also guides 70.000 coffee and cassava farmers to be able to prodce good quality agricultural products . And overall the Mayora Group empowers more than 50.000 workers in Indonesia and around the world.

The Mayora brands like Torabika, Kopiko, Beng Beng, Danisa are not only succeeded in being exported to other countries, but also able to become market leaders abroad. Andre Atmadja, also added “This achievement can be reached because of the supports of Indonesian Republic Government. And Mayora hopes that the achievement can inspire and ultimately make us more “BANGGA SEBAGAI INDONESIA”.