Mayora stands for Palu

16 October 2018

Mayora Palu

Palu is in our thoughts and prayers. MAYORA PEDULI (Social Responsibility of Mayora Group) is dedicated to those who suffered from Palu disaster. Together with KOREM (Military Command) PALU, we have donated almost all the products that survived the Tsunami to the people in evacuation camps starting from the second day post-Tsunami to this day. Furthermore, as a tribute to all our employees in Palu who survived the disaster, MAYORA PEDULI will administer donations through the central government's institutions in Jakarta. May God grant strength to our brothers and sisters in Palu and bring swift restoration to their lives. Amen.

Mayora Peduli

MAYORA PEDULI with KOREM (Military Command) PALU distribute products to the Tsunami victims in Palu.