Teh Pucuk Harum Planting Trees in Pasuruan

09 May 2015


Mayora Group subsidiary, PT. Tirta Fresindo Jaya Pasuruan in cooperation with KODIM 0819 Pasuruan and  SI Hijau Foundation had activity to plant 2.000 productive trees in Pasuruan. The trees are divided into 1,000 Durian trees and 1,000 trees clove. This activity is one manifestation from the company to the environment, especially the area of catchment (catchment area). The purpose of planting so that the area of catchment that already deforested can be replanted so it can receive or absorb rainwater, and the water can be reused by our children and grandchildren in the future. And the economic result of the productive plants we have planted can be utilized by the community and the trees will not be cut down.